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beach activities and yachting

Next to the bars on the main beach you can find multiple sea activities for you, your teenagers or smaller kids, such as slide pedal boats, water jet, kayak and others.

Next to the ferry port of Keramoti you can find boat rentals, where you can have a wonderful sea trip and explore the near islands, or to teach you how to navigate the yacht yourself.

From the small souvenir shops you can buy beach and water toys or fishing utilities for your fun vacation.

Bird watching and Nestos river delta

The Nestos River begins on Mt. Rila in Bulgaria (a.k.a. Mesta) and travels 234kms through the  Rhodope Mountains to reach the Aegean sea east of Keramoti. Within Greece, the 140kms, from the Central Rodopi Forests on the Bulgarian border, down through the Nestos Gorge to the vast expanse of lakes and marshes of the Delta, are of exceptional importance for wildlife. 

This is an exceptional area for birdlife with more than 250 bird species, such as white and grey Egrets, Flamingos (in the winter season), Dalmatian pelican, the Ferruginous duck, the Red goose, the Greater Spotted eagle, the Imperial eagle and the Lesser Kestrel and many others, some of which you can meet in the village too.

Just grab your camera and have a walk next to the river and enjoy the beautiful bird life and sceneries.

The Visitors Center of Nestos River is situated in the village of Keramoti Tel: 0030/ 25910-51831;  0030 / 2510-247042; 0030 /2510-461803
e-mail: delta-nestos@kav.forthnet.gr

Lake Vistonida and Monastery St. Nikolaos in Porto Lagos

Another significant point for the bird lovers is lake Vistonida. It is one of the most beautiful and richest of species wetlands in Europe. It is the fourth largest lake in the country, covering an area of 45 km2.

Vistonida Lake Apartment Hotel Karayiannis Keramoti

The wetland is a birds’ paradise for populations of the entire European continent, as about 260 species of birds have been observed here. The list grows longer every year with observations of new species. These birds of passage visit the wetland and Greece as they traverse from other continents (America, Asia) as a part of the Via Aristotelis migration path. 

So, carry with you a pair of binoculars, a high definition zoom camera and enjoy a unique bird watching experience!

Another must-see local destination is the magnificent monastery of St. Nikolaos in Porto Lagos. The monastery is situated on a pontoons in the waters of Vistonida lake. 


Kavala is one of the most attractive sea cities in Greece, pleasant with it’s relaxing atmosphere, charming small streets with shops, cafes and restaurants and it’s breeze of historical past.

The city is located amphitheatrically from the beautiful harbour up to a huge Byzantine fortress. Built on the ancient city of Neopolis you can find the history all around through the squares, buildings and even at the shopping centres.

Among the city’s impressive landmarks are the old walls, the Byzantine castle, the Kamares – the aqueduct erected by Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century , Mehmet Ali’s house (18th century), the Imaret (originally built by Muhammad Ali Pasha of Egypt in 1817, as a theological college for Imams) and the tobacco factories, an inheritance from the ever-thriving tobacco industry in the city.

There are two interesting museums to visit – The Tobacco Museum  and the Maritime Museum of Kavala. The charming little restaurants and cafes with it’s friendly personnel will provide to you with delicious foods and drinks. Don’t forget to try the traditional Kourabiedes. Enjoy!



The city of Xanthi is situated amphitheatrically on the foot of Rodopi mountain chain. 

Kosynthos River divides the city into the west part, where the old and the new town are located and the east part – “Samakov district”, with it’s rich natural environment. Both parts still preserve their traditional atmosphere, enchanting the visitors with their nobility and magnificence.

The cobbled narrow streets of the Old Town are decorated by gorgeous mansions, whose architectural style is a marvellous blend of local and ottoman architecture as well as Greek Neoclassicism architectural style. Together with the Byzantine churches and the picturesque squares, the city’s Old Town could be said to be an open museum, the glory of which remains untouched through the years. The modern part of the city boasts a beautiful square with a Clock and the renovated tobacco warehouses. Don’t forget to visit: The Folklore museum; the market with its distinctive local flavor taking places every Saturday at Zoagoras Square; the house of shadow; the wonderful restaurants and cafes and many more. Location…


Philippi is the most important archaeological site of eastern Macedonia, with characteristic monuments of the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian periods.

The history of the site begins in 360/359 B.C. when the colonists from Thasos founded the first city, called Krenides. In 356 B.C. the city is endangered by the Thacians and it turns to king Philip II for support. Philip had already foreseen the economic and strategic importance of the city, so he conquered it, he fortified it and he renamed it after himself (Philippi). After the battle of Philippi, in 42 B.C., the city became a Roman colony and its importance was stressed by the fact that it was located on the Via Egnatia. The ancient Philippi is situated at 48 kilometers from Keramoti, close to Kavala. Location…


Thassos is a Greek island in the northern Aegean sea. It is the northernmost Greek island and 12th largest by area.Thasos is also the name of the largest town of the island (officially known as Limenas Thasou, “Port of Thasos”), situated at the northern side, opposite the mainland and about 10 kilometres (6 miles) from Keramoti.

At the island you can find many beaches, small villages with shops and restaurants and the beautiful monastery of Archangel Michael.

The main road on the island goes next to the shore and the full circle would take you about two hours with car. Multiple ferry companies are travelling to the island and the journey takes about 35 minutes. Ask for the schedule and prices at the Keramoti ferry port.